Towards an Archival Information Package for Audiovisual Materials

Morgan Cundiff
Network Development and MARC Standards Office
Library of Congress

National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program

Develop a national strategy to collect, archive and preserve the burgeoning amounts of digital content, especially materials that are created only in digital formats, for current and future generations.
Architectures for persistent digital repositories (technology infrastructure, component layers of service, etc.);
Preservation technologies and tools (Web harvesting methods, techniques for normalizing heterogeneous objects, algorithms for proving authenticity, audit mechanisms, interoperability, and large scale back-up and recovery mechanisms);
Attributes of archived collections (methods for determining and validating completeness and closure of preserved digital objects);
Policy and economic models (roles and responsibilities, access services, legal agreements, and balancing private interests with public good).
Convene stakeholders, coordinate collaborative research

Library of Congress
National Audio-Visual Conservation Center
Culpeper, Virginia

Scheduled to open in 2005
Motion Pictures, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division
Digital Culpeper

Digital Culpeper                       Library of Congress

Digital Culpeper will be a “producer� of SIPS

SIP Physical View

SIP Logical View

AIP Logical View

OAIS AIP to METS + Extensions Map

OAIS AIP to METS + Extensions Map
(and the OCLC/RLG Metadata Framework)

METS Extension Schemas

AV Extension Schemas
Provisional schemas for descriptive metadata and administrative metadata (including technical and source metadata for still images, audio, video, and text, rights metadata, and digiprov)
 New Schemas
Text (Jerry McDonough, NYU)
Audio (Harvard, MSU, LC)

METS Software Tools

Builder Database