The VISION Project: Shared Records for Visual Resources

This activity is now closed. The information on this page is provided for historical purposes only.

The VISION project was a collaboration of RLG, the Visual Resources Association (VRA), and the Getty Information Institute. The project aimed to:

  • Promulgate and encourage use of the VRA's "Core Categories for Visual Resources" for describing visual documents.
  • Create standard, online descriptions of slides and photographs of works of art.
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to integrate and assess the use of several types of visual resources data in a single discovery system.

RLG created an infrastructure and interface for the VISION participants to enter their data according to the VRA "Core Categories for Visual Resources." Project participants and external advisors evaluated the records in the final quarter of 1998. Reactions to the process and results contributed to the revision of the VRA Core Categories that is in use today.