Moving Museum Resources Online—REACH, VISION, & AMICO

This activity is now closed. The information on this page is provided for historical purposes only.

In the 1990s RLG's Museum Resources project comprised several initiatives to integrate discovery and delivery of visual and descriptive information:

  • The 1997-98 REACH project (Record Export for Art and Cultural Heritage). Initiated by RLG and the Getty Information Institute, this effort enlisted several museums and museum system vendors in addressing how to make disparate data for museum objects created in various systems searchable in an integrated resource environment.
  • The 1998 RLG-Visual Resources Association VISION project. RLG enabled the first implementation of the VRA Data Standards Committee's "Core Categories for Visual Resources, Version 2.0." VRA members cataloged photographs and slides of works of art, architecture, and other cultural heritage artifacts and were able to assess their integrated records and the outcome of their efforts, leading to the next version of the standard.
  • The AMICO Library from RLG, a collection of art images and accompanying descriptions provided by the Art Museum Image Consortium, launched in 1998 through a database and interface created by RLG.
  • An exploration of the need for and means of assembling a union resource of records with digital surrogates—which led to the Cultural Materials Initiative to improve access to cultural materials and the RLG Cultural Materials database, launched in 2002.