Invited Participants

Seminar participants Seminar participants Seminar participants
Caroline Arms
Project Manager
Office of Strategic Initiatives
The Library of Congress
David Lankes
Director, Information Institute of Syracuse
Syracuse University
Liz Bishoff
Executive Director
Colorado Digitization Project
Carl Lagoze
Director of Technology
National Science Digital Library
Cornell University
Jim Bracken
Assistant Director
Main Library Research & Reference
The Ohio State University
Eric Lease Morgan
Head, Digital Access & Information Architecture Department
University of Notre Dame
Pamela Brown
Information Technology Services Director
Suburban Library System (Illinois)
Michael Nelson
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science
Old Dominion University
Tim Cole
Mathematics Librarian
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Sandy Payette
Technical Leader & Researcher
Digital Library Research Group
Cornell University
Karen Coyle
Manager, Content Group
California Digital Library
Mackenzie Smith
Associate Director for Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alex Eykelhof
Director, Information Technology & Ontario Colleges Digital Library
The Bibliocentre
Herbert Van de Sompel
Digital Library Research Coordinator
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Lynne Howarth
Faculty of Information Studies
University of Toronto
Bob Wolven
Director, Systems & Bibliographic Control
Columbia University
Ole Husby
Mary Woodley
Assistant Librarian, Catalog Unit
California State University, Northridge

OCLC Research Participants

Bob Bolander
Communications & Programs Manager
Ralph LeVan
Consulting Research Scientist
Diane Cellentani
Diane Morris
Research Assistant
Eric Childress
Consulting Product Support Specialist
Devon Smith
Software Engineer
Tom Dehn
Consulting Software Engineer
Tom Terrall
Senior Software Engineer
Lorcan Dempsey
Vice President, Research
Roger Thompson
Consulting Software Engineer
Jean Godby
Consulting Research Scientist
Jenny Toves
Software Architect
Carol Hickey
Research Support Specialist
Diane Vizine-Goetz
Consulting Research Scientist
Thom Hickey
Chief Scientist
Jeff Young
Consulting Software Engineer
Andy Houghton
Consulting Software Engineer

Areas of interest

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