This project is now closed. The information on this page is provided for historical purposes only. Links and downloads may no longer work.



The ePrints-UK project involves several organizations planning to develop a national service through which the United Kingdom's higher and further education community can access the collective output of e-print papers available from compliant Open Archive repositories provided by UK universities and colleges.


ePrints UK is a project that is intended to influence and promote the use of e-print archives in UK universities by harvesting records from such archives, enhancing them and distributing them to the UK RDN hubs. More information about the project, and further technical details can be found at

Funded by the UK's Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), ePrints UK harvests ePrint metadata and makes enhanced records available. OCLC Research has committed to creating Web services to classify records by DDC and provide authority control for personal names. OCLC is pleased to be involved in this effort by developing prototype knowledge-organization services that will analyze and enrich the harvested metadata. More information is available on the JISC Web site.

Why OCLC is conducting this research and how it helps libraries

OCLC is participating in this project as it gives a valuable early test bed to implement some of the approaches being developed as part of the Metadata Switch. We hope that techniques developed here can be redeployed elsewhere. We can 'plug' the same services into other environments.