METS Activities

This activity is now closed. The information on this page is provided for historical purposes only.

Objective: Standard encoding of descriptive, administrative, and structural information for objects within a digital library using METS—Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard. METS enables digital media files to be responsibly managed and transferred by bundling the appropriate metadata with the files.

Overview: This standard is powerful and flexible, with a growing number of uses. RLG, in addition to participating on the METS Editorial Board and exploring best practices for METS' use in certified digital archives, promulgates the standard by using it in services like RLG Cultural Materials. For more information, see:

  • SAA presentation on METS (August 2002)
  • METS official Web site (
  • "RLG Implements METS Viewer for Complex Digital Objects in RLG Cultural Materials" (RLG Focus, February 2003)

    Please note: Archived versions of RLG Focus are available from the OCLC Corporate Library Collection in the OCLC Digital Archive. Choose the preferred index and browse from here.

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Merrilee Proffitt
Program Officer