International Archival Gateways

This activity is now closed. The information on this page is provided for historical purposes only.

Objective: To promote cross-searching and interoperability among national archives' information systems.

Overview: Archival materials often wind up far away from their countries of origin, so scholars must look for information in the archives of many nations. Each national archive has a mandate to serve its nation first. As an international organization responsible for expanding archival access, RLG facilitated a cooperative effort among major national archives.

RLG's foundation work in this area was covered in the report from the May 2005 international archival gateways meeting. En français: Report published in Bulletin d’information francophone sur l’EAD, n°20, juin 2005.

Please note: Web pages for RLG meetings prior to June 2006 have been archived and are available from the OCLC Corporate Library Collection in the OCLC Digital Archive.

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Merrilee Proffitt
Program Officer