This project is now closed. The information on this page is provided for historical purposes only. Links and downloads may no longer work.

EAD Report Card Server Version—Readme

This version of the RLG EAD Report Card is meant to run on a Web server; there is also a version you can run on your Windows desktop. You can adapt either version to comply with your own best practices for EAD.

Server application

All the necessary files required for the server version of the Report Card are in the directories "cgi-bindir" and "webpages".

  1. Make sure you have Perl, XML::LibXML, and XML::LibXSLT (see comments in "cgi-bindir/")
  2. Modify paths in to reflect the local implementation. You can find "" in the the "cgi-bindir" directory.

    $bpgxsl = "/usr0/web/cgi-bin/bpg.xsl";
    $idxsl = "/usr0/web/cgi-bin/verbid.xsl";

    There are two XSLT scripts - "verbid.xsl" and "bpg.xsl". Both are in the "cgi-bindir" directory.
  3. Modify form action to location of script in the file "submit.html"

The Web pages for the server-side implementation can be found in the directory "webpages":

  • "index.html";
  • 3 pages ("submit.html", "report.html" and "directions.html"): the default pages for the frames defined in the index page;
  • a copy of the XML encoding the best practice guidelines ("bpgrules.xml");
  • the rules DTD (against which "bpgrules.xml" validates);
  • a stylesheet ("rulestransform.xsl"), which transforms "bpgrules.xml" on the fly to HTML in a browser.

Updating and adapting the guidelines and stylesheets

Note: This process must be run on a Windows machine.

  1. Go to the "sources" directory.
  2. Modify "bpgrules.xml" with changes to the best practice guidelines. To understand how to encode the rules, point your browser to "sources/rulesdefinition.xml". (Use IE or a browser that can transform documents with XSL stylesheets.)

    If you have problems reading xml files such as "sources/rulesdefinition.xml" with your browser, try this:
  3. Once you have made changes to "bpgrules.xml", click on "generatestyles.bat". It will automatically rerun the generator and place the new stylesheets in the stylesheets directory.
  4. Copy the stylesheet "bpg.xsl" from the "stylesheets" directory to your Web server. The server will now check finding aids against the new guidelines.