Digital Preservation Needs—RLG Members' Survey, 1998

This activity is now closed. The information on this page is provided for historical purposes only.

In 1998, at the recommendation of the 1997-98 RLG Preservation Working Group on Digital Archiving, RLG funded a study of the status of digital preservation practices and needs in RLG institutions. Research by Margaret Hedstrom and Sheon Montgomery at the University of Michigan mapped concerns for and obstacles to digital preservation in our member libraries, archives, and museums. It outlined their current policies and practices for preserving digital materials, and captured their expectations and priorities for RLG.

We have been guided by this study in selecting and shaping RLG projects with and for members. The participants looked to RLG to develop concrete standards and guidelines, plus training that would:

  • help institutions at various stages in their digital preservation programs to work with confidence;
  • evolve as technology and sources of information evolve; and
  • help ensure successful, quality services from third-party vendors.

The survey report is available in: