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This activity is now closed. The information on this page is provided for historical purposes only.

OCLC Research's LC Name Authority Service provides a way for systems to check names in their databases against the Library of Congress Authority File.

Try it out

Enter a name into the Interactive Response query box. For example, enter one of the following names:

Carroll, Lewis
Lessig, Lawrence
Chomsky, Noam
Samuelson, Robert

And press .

The Name Authority File Service will return any LC authority records for names matching the name you submitted.

The Interactive Response Type is suitable for interactive use, name by name. It has higher recall with lower precision.

Why we developed this

We developed this service so that remotely located systems—institutional repository software, for example (DSpace, ePrints UK, CONTENTdm, eprints.org, Fedora)—can offer authority control without having to build full authority control modules. Without this service DSpace does not know, for example, that Mark Twain and Samuel Clemens are the same man; nor does it distinguish well between two authors with the same name. With the OCLC Research name authority service, people entering metadata for preprints can make sure the author names are consistent and well-formed.

DSpace plans to integrate interactive authority checking in the future.

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