Art & Architecture Group

This activity is now closed. The information on this page is provided for historical purposes only.

Started in 1979 by 10 North American universities and museum libraries within RLG, the Art & Architecture Group (AAG) counted more than 80 institutions worldwide among its constituents. The remarkable strength of their combined collections and their commitment to collaborative solutions helped to make RLG databases an unparalleled resource for art-related bibliographic research. The AAG provided an early and productive model of how art and architecture institutions could share resources and expertise in an online environment.

Over its lifetime the group focused on art-specific projects within RLG, including:

  • Building SCIPIO, a database of art and rare book sales catalogs.
  • Establishing an art and museum libraries "trading partnership" within the larger RLG SHARES interlending program.
  • Coordinating collection development and cataloging efforts, as in the art-related monographic series cooperative cataloging project (see below).
  • Participating in the Art Serials Preservation Project to create microfilming that was available to the larger community.
  • Appointing the working group for the "Inaccessible Domain" Materials project—which led to a new bibliographic standard for aggregations of unique research materials.

The AAG Steering Committee coordinated the group's activities with input from all participants and annual meetings held in conjunction with the annual conference of their primary professional association, the Art Libraries Society of North America. Reports from the last ten years of AAG annual meetings provide snapshots of the group's priorities and RLG progress:

  • Houston 2005
  • New York 2004
  • Baltimore 2003
  • St Louis 2002
  • Los Angeles 2001
  • Pittsburgh 2000
  • Vancouver 1999
  • Philadelphia 1998
  • San Antonio 1997
  • Miami Beach 1996
  • Montreal 1995

    Please note: Web pages for RLG meetings prior to June 2006 have been archived and are available from the OCLC Corporate Library Collection in the OCLC Digital Archive.

Steering committee rosters

The Art & Architecture Group Steering Committee comprised six members from the larger group together with an RLG program officer acting as liaison for art-related activities and initiatives.

2004-2005 (final year)
Stephen Bury, British Library; Mary Elings,UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library; C. Danial Elliott, Philadelphia Museum of Art; Katherine Haskins, Yale University; Amy Lucker (Chair), Harvard University; Sally McKay, Getty Research Institute; Günter Waibel ( RLG liaison), RLG

2003 - 2004
Stephen Bury, Kitty Chibnik, Jeannette Dixon ( Chair up to June 2003), Katherine Haskins (replaced Kenneth Soehner), Amy Lucker ( Chair from June 2003), Sally McKay (replaced Jocelyn Gibbs), Günter Waibel (RLG liaison)

2002 - 2003
Mary Clare Altenhofen (Chair), Kitty Chibnik, Jeannette Dixon, Doug Dodds, Jocelyn Gibbs, Tony Gill (RLG liaison), Kenneth Soehner

2001 - 2002
Mary Clare Altenhofen (Vice Chair), Kitty Chibnik, Jeannette Dixon, Doug Dodds, Tony Gill (RLG liaison), Christina Huemer (Chair)

2000 - 2001
Mary Clare Altenhofen, Doug Dodds, Leigh Gates, Tony Gill (RLG liaison), Christina Huemer, Amy Lucker ( Chair until July 2000), Kathleen Salomon ( Chair from August 2000)

1999 - 2000
Peter Blank (Chair), Leigh Gates, Tony Gill (RLG liaison), Deborah Kempe, Amy Lucker, Kathleen Salomon, Murray Waddington

1998 - 1999
Peter Blank, Anne Champagne, Katie Keller (RLG liaison), Deborah Kempe, Susan Roeper (Chair), Allen Townsend, Margaret Webster

1997 - 1998
Peter Blank (replaced Adeane Bregman), Anne Champagne, Katie Keller (RLG liaison), Susan Roeper, Ed Teague (Chair), Allen Townsend, Margaret Webster

1996 - 1997
Adeane Bregman, Max Marmor, Katherine Martinez (RLG liaison), Susan Moon (Chair), Doralynn Pines, Susan Roeper, Judy Silverman

1995 - 1996
Carol Hughes (RLG liaison), Milan Hughston (Chair), Lyn Korenic, Max Marmor, Susan Moon, Barbara Reed, Judy Silverman

1994 - 1995
Carol Hughes ( RLG liaison replacing Jim Coleman), Milan Hughston, Lyn Korenic, Roger Lawson (Chair), Max Marmor (replaced Peggy Kusnerz), Susan Moon, Barbara Reed

Art cataloging coordination

In this 1996-1997 project, Art & Architecture Group participants gave priority cataloging to publications in agreed-on monographic series. These members selected titles they received regularly and committed to creating bibliographic records using RLIN® within a month of receipt. Twenty-one libraries committed to cataloging a total of 60 titles out of 87 that were identified.

This bounded cooperative effort helped to ensure that new materials were cataloged in a timely fashion, divided the cataloging effort among members, and resulted in more art-related cataloging copy in the RLG Union Catalog.

(Table compiled by Laila Abdel-Malek, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, with contributions from Patricia D. Siska, then of the Frick Art Reference Library.)


Series Title Assignment
Academia dei Lincei. Fonti e document) inediti per la storia dell'arte University of California, Berkeley
Acta Universitatis Stockholmensis. Stockholm Studies in Art History University of Minnesota
Aegyptiaca Helvetica unassigned
Aegyptiaca Treverensia Brooklyn Museum
Aegyptische Forschungen unassigned
Agypten und Altes Testament Brooklyn Museum
Agyptologische Abhandlungen Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Allard Pierson Series unassigned
Allard Pierson series. Scripta minora unassigned
Antike Munzen und geschnittene Steine Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Arbeitsberichte aus dem Stadtischen Museum Braunschweig Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Archaeologia Homerica Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Archaeologica Roma (Bretschneider) Harvard University
Archaeological Survey of Egypt. Memoirs Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Archaeologische Veroffentlichungen Harvard University
Architecture rurale francaise unassigned
Arsbek for statens konstmuseum Cleveland Museum of Art
Art et les grandes civilisations (Paris) unassigned
Arte e archeologia. Studi e document) Cleveland Museum of Art
Arte Hispalense Frick Collection Art Reference Library
Artibus Asiae. Supplementum Rutgers University
Australian Center for Egyptology. Reports New York University
Bau- und Denkmaler im Rheinland unassigned
Bibliotheca Aegyptia Brooklyn Museum
Bibliotheque de la Societe francaise d'archeologie unassigned
Bibliotheque des cahiers archeologique Frick Collection Art Reference Library
Bibliotheque des Ecoles francaises d'Athenes et de Rome unassigned
Boreas (Uppsala) Getty Research Institute
Caeculus unassigned
Cahiers d'archeologie romande unassigned
Cistercial Fathers University of Pennsylvania
Codices select) prototypice impress) Pierpont Morgan Library
Collection de l'Ecole francaise de Rome Metropolitan Museum of Art
Collezioni romane di antichita unassigned
Corpus Antiquitatum Aegyptiacum Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard Harvard University
Corpus Signorum imperil Romani Cleveland Museum of Art
Corpus vasorum antiquorum Cleveland Museum of Art
Corpus vitrearum Medii Aevii Harvard University
Danmarks Kirker unassigned
Denkschriften (Osterreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften) unassigned
Deutsche Burgerhaus unassigned
Deutsche Lande, deutsche Kunst unassigned
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut Metropolitan Museum of Art
Dossiers du Departement des peintures Metropolitan Museum of Art
Dumbarton Oaks Studies Rutgers University
Estudios de arte y estetica (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) unassigned
Fathers of the Church Pierpont Morgan Library
Figura University of Michigan
Galleria degli Uffizi. Gabinetto dei disegni. Cataloghi Columbia University
Hamburger Aegyptologische Studien Brooklyn Museum
Hesperia. Supplement Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Hildesheimer aeyptologische Beitrage unassigned
Iconography of Religions Temple University
Institut francaise d'archeologie orientale (Cairo). Memoirs Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Institute of Classical Studies, University of London. Bulletin Suppl. Getty Research Institute
Italienische Forschungen Frick Collection Art Reference Library
Kunst und Altertum am Rhein Harvard University
Kunstwissenschaftliche Studien (Munich) Yale University
Manchester Studies in the History of Art Frick Collection Art Reference Library
Meroitica unassigned
Monumenta bergomensia National Gallery of Art
Monumenta Graeca et Romana New York University
Munchener Archaeologische Studien Metropolitan Museum of Art
Notes et documents de musees de France Harvard University
Nuit de temps Harvard University
Osterreichische Kunstmonographie unassigned
Pittori bergamaschi Yale University
Primitifs flamands Art Institute of Chicago
Publications de l'Institut francais de Florence. IV. ser. Histoire de l'art unassigned
Publications of the North American Print Conference American Antiquarian Society
Riggisberger Berichte unassigned
Romische Forschungen der Biblioteca Hertziana National Gallery of Art
Saggi e studi di storia dell'arte National Gallery of Art
Schriften der Kunsthalle zu Kiel unassigned
Schriften des Salzburger Barockmuseums unassigned
Skanes konstforening unassigned
Spatantike zentralbauten in Rom und Latium unassigned
Storia della miniature. Studi e document) Frick Collection Art Reference Library
Studia Aegyptiaca unassigned
Studien zur deutschen Kunstgeschicte National Gallery of Art
Studien zur Kunstgeschichte (Hildesheim) Harvard University
Studies in manuscript Illumination Frick Collection Art Reference Library
Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology University of Pennsylvania
Studies in Pre-Columbian Art and Archaeology Getty Research Institute
Sveriges Kyrkor Harvard University
Villa I Tatti Metropolitan Museum of Art