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Managing uncertainty during COVID-19

As the pandemic progresses, uncertainties continue to multiply for archives, libraries, and museums. COVID-19 is a complex problem in a complex system; uncontested facts tend to be elusive. Most decisions must be based on information that is flawed, uncertain, proximate, or sparse. By carefully evaluating how these imperfect responses unfold in messy, real-world settings, you can help to build the multifaceted evidence base needed to continue operating and serving your communities.

These resources provide an overview of an article published in BMJ titled “Managing uncertainty in the covid-19 era1 by Rutter, Wolpert, and Greenhalgh, which can help when discussing your pandemic response.

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H. Rutter, M. Wolpert, and T. Greenhalgh. 2020. “Managing uncertainty in the covid-19 era,” BMJ.

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Last update: March 18, 2021