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The Hope and the Hype of MOOCs

Accessibility and the cost of education are on everyone’s minds—administrators, faculty and librarians, politicians and parents. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) seem to offer a lifeline to schools and communities seeking to reinvent education and lifelong learning. But the conversation about MOOCs is complex and evolving. New partnerships are being formed to deliver tools and curriculum. New business models are emerging. Questions about accreditation and measurement abound. Do MOOCs represent a sea change for both public and academic libraries? Or just a new twist on distance learning?


These were the questions debated during a recent OCLC symposium: The Hope and Hype of MOOCs. Part of OCLC's Collective Insight event series, the session was moderated by Skip Prichard featured MOOC practitioners, promoters and sceptics.

To learn more watch a five-minute video summary of the event