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Article Exchange custom version now available


A custom version of OCLC’s Article Exchange document delivery tool is now available for use by OCLC resource sharing subscribers. The custom version delivers all features of Article Exchange in addition to local customisation that increases the visibility of library services and reinforces a library’s role in meeting user needs.

You can use Article Exchange to:

  • Reinforce your library’s brand. When users see your logo, colours and library name on the interface where they retrieve documents, they are reminded that the service is provided by their library.
  • Deliver larger file sizes. Support for larger files is particularly useful for users who require access to large documents, such as image-rich medical resources.
  • Communicate your library’s identity to users who access your library virtually as well as physically. The custom version of Article Exchange supports secure delivery of documents to users regardless of their location.
  • Provide secure delivery of the electronic resources library users expect. As libraries' services expand to include more and more electronic and digital resources, use of the Article Exchange custom version is an invaluable tool for delivering files that are often too large for transmission via other vehicles, including the original Article Exchange tool.
  • Transmit documents in formats that can be used by visually impaired users. Support for file formats .doc and .docx enables this segment of your users to consume documents through screen readers and related devices.

Local customisation of Article Exchange is easy, so library staff can complete set up quickly and begin to use their library-specific site to deliver documents to their users.
How to get started with Article Exchange custom version

Article Exchange custom version provides a low-cost way for libraries to increase the visibility of their services while delivering essential documents to users. Subscribers to OCLC resource sharing services can add the custom version to existing resource sharing subscriptions for a small annual fee, based on library collection size.

To order the new Article Exchange custom version for your library, contact your OCLC Regional office and a representative will be in touch with you.

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