Opt Out of OCLC Membership-Related Governance

OCLC is a membership cooperative. There are no membership fees. Instead, your membership status is secured by maintaining a subscription to a qualifying OCLC product.

If you would like to decline to participate in OCLC’s member governance, please fill in the details below and submit. By completing and submitting this form, you are indicating that your institution does not wish to participate in any of the governance functions related to membership in the OCLC cooperative.

After you submit this form, you will not receive emails or other communications from OCLC about voting in Global or Regional Council elections. You will receive emails pertinent to all other aspects of membership, such as information or updates about OCLC products or services you use or have purchased.

We require your personal contact information in case of future inquiries. Providing this information also confirms that you have the authority to make this decision on behalf of your organization.

Any decision not to participate in membership at this time does not exclude you from participating in membership in the future.