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OCLC partnership with Plum Analytics uses WorldCat to measure impact of research

DUBLIN, Ohio, 19 September 2013—OCLC has established a partnership with Plum Analytics, an altmetrics organization that develops analytical tools for scholars and researchers, to leverage WorldCat data to help researchers better analyze and measure the impact of their work.

Plum Analytics provides a set of tools and services that capture, aggregate and synthesize the big data created from resources, including journal articles, books, videos, presentations and datasets, to characterize how research is used and referenced in various communities.

Plum Analytics has integrated the WorldCat Search API into its PlumX analytics dashboard to retrieve aggregate library holdings information from the WorldCat database, the largest collection of bibliographic data in the world. Access to this data is enabled by OCLC WorldShare applications, which expose Web services and data for use and reuse by third party partners. Scholars will now be able to see how well their published works are included in the collections of libraries globally to help measure the impact of their research.

This partnership demonstrates OCLC’s commitment to provide broad access to WorldCat data for a wide range of creative uses. OCLC supplies analytics organizations with WorldCat data to help define how collections are being used and to provide researchers and libraries with an extended range of applications that take advantage of the same core data.

Bibliographic information in WorldCat is continuously updated by thousands of OCLC member libraries worldwide. WorldCat represents over 300 million different items and over 2 billion holdings in libraries from more than 170 countries. 

“A critical role for academic research librarians is to help research faculty understand and be able to measure the impact of their works,” said Plum Analytics co-founder Mike Buschman. “Giving access to library holdings data for this purpose will expand the universe of that measurement, especially in disciplines where books and book chapters represent a significant proportion of research output.” 

“OCLC is committed to releasing the value of WorldCat into innovative applications like Plum Analytics,” said Chip Nilges, OCLC Vice President, Business Development. “Partnerships like these serve the needs of OCLC libraries and their patrons, which is an important component of participation in our cooperative.”

To learn more about PlumAnalyics and the PlumX application, check the Plum Analytics website at

To learn more about the WorldCat Search API and partner programs, visit the OCLC website.


About Plum Analytics

Plum Analytics helps answer questions about the impact of research so funders, researchers, librarians, publishers, and others have up-to-date and comprehensive information. Whether you are performing, funding or monitoring research, Plum provides accurate and timely information through their PlumX product. For more information, visit

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