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Constantia Constantinou

H. Carton Rogers III, Vice Provost and Director of the Penn Libraries, University of Pennsylvania

Constantia Constantinou

Constantia Constantinou is a global leader in integrating the work of a large university library system with the wider academic mission of a university. In particular, she has been a pioneer throughout her career in developing digital, multimedia, and technology initiatives in large university library systems and in advancing partnerships among libraries, museums, and universities. As Vice Provost and Director of Libraries, Constantinou represents Penn's interest in the national and regional library consortia that enhance scholarly access to information and advocate for libraries in public and government arenas. She is responsible for the development and administration of library services and policies in support of Penn’s research, instructional, and patient-care programs. Manages the business operations of the Libraries; evaluate and prioritize the needs for and then invest in relevant technology; implement space allocations and designs for the modern library era; strengthen ties and build coalitions with allied institutions; and advocate for the libraries and their missions. Plays a leadership role in the local and consortial activities related to housing and delivery of digital resources and represent the Library on campus-wide and university-wide decision-making bodies. Oversee 407 FTE staff members and responsible for an annual budget of $80 million.


O: +1-215-898-7091


University of Pennsylvania

Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center
3420 Walnut Street, Room 237.1
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

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