Libraries at the Crossroads: Tracking digital footprints. APAC Regional Council Conference 2016

Lightning Talk Videos

Libraries of Asia Pacific - we want you to speak and share your story at the OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council Meeting in Hong Kong!

If you are working in a library in Asia Pacific, then this opportunity might interest you. On 1 and 2 December, 2016, OCLC is holding its annual Asia Pacific Regional Council (APRC) Meeting in Hong Kong. The APRC delegates are inviting librarians from Asia Pacific to submit a proposal for a 3 to 5 minute lightning talk video.

To tie in with the theme of the Meeting, we want to hear about work you are doing with young people, to keep them engaged in the library. What use is your library making of mobile technology, for example? How are your changing the space in your library to make it more interactive or to accommodate the way that young people want to learn or study? We want to learn how you are bringing the younger, 'always on,' 'always connected' generation into your library, physically and virtually. Send us a short video in English on a project or program that you are working on, either in your library or in your community that reflects this topic.

The Executive Committee of OCLC APRC will consider all proposals and contact you by 18 October 2016.

There will be a prize for the winner of the best lightning talk video, which an audience of over 250 people will decide at the event.

Please send us your inspiring stories, so that we can share them during the Meeting.

How shall I proceed to make my video?

The videos will be shown during the course of the 2 day Meeting.

To submit your idea, record yourself and send your file as a .MOV to before 3 October 2016. If your file is too large, please use WeTransfer.

Tips for making your video:

  • Make sure there is enough light on your face
  • Make sure that we can hear you properly - check where the microphone is installed on your laptop, tablet or smart phone and reduce any background noise
  • Make sure that you keep on looking into the lens of the camera
  • Make sure the camera shot is close by (close shot or medium shot)

We look forward to hearing your stories!

If you have any queries, please contact OCLC Member Advocate, Julie Seuront.


To keep up-to-date with news on the Meeting, please follow us on Twitter: @OCLC #OCLCHK16.

Registration for the OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council Meeting is now closed


Thursday 1 December 2016

  • Conference Day One
  • Conference Dinner

Friday 2 December 2016

  • Conference Day Two