FEB 25

VIAF Workshop: strengthen your project with trustworthy data

The aim of this workshop is to increase participant awareness and knowledge of current, possible roles and uses of VIAF in the international data exchange ecosystem.

Dit evenement is afgelopen.

VIAF is regarded as a threshold into the World Wide Web for library authority data. VIAF allows authority data to be used by projects not necessarily focused on the library community and to be enriched and consolidated by these projects. So, VIAF becomes the common factor of and a hub for different projects for various uses and allows these projects to be interoperable, which is very important in a linked data-oriented perspective.

VIAF has been launched as a research project as well as a tool useful for cataloguing. Nowadays, the research aspect remains a main issue for VIAF, which is implemented by VIAF itself or by various projects around it; but the possible VIAF data uses have been increasingly widened. Consequently, the workshop is focused on the topic of roles of authority data, e.g. trustworthy data, with the background of dynamic data, coming in and out of the library world.

Presentation materials


25 February 2013

Workshop conclusion given by Vincent Boulet

VIAF Update

(Powerpoint, 1.4 MB / 14 slides)
25 February 2013

Thom Hickey presents the current state of VIAF at the OCLC EMEA Regional Council Annual Meeting in Strasbourg, France.


25 februari 2013


25 februari 2013


Strasbourg, France


Palais des Congrès

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