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E-resource Advisory Council continues work with OCLC to advance electronic resource management strategy

OCLC’s E-resource Advisory Council, a group of library leaders who are helping to guide the cooperative in advancing its electronic resource management strategy, has been expanded to continue work on strategy and related solutions.

The new E-resource Advisory Council will work with OCLC for one year. Over the last two years, the council has helped inform the development of OCLC solutions for the acquisition, exposure, management and access of libraries’ electronic collections. Each year, the membership of the group changes and objectives are adjusted based on progress. The council began its third term August 1 when new members were introduced.

“I will continue to contribute to the work of the Council, and will continue to benefit from participation as well,” said Sarah Price, Assistant Director Collection Management and Development at the UK’s University of Birmingham, who is a returning member to the group. “Working on the E-resource Advisory Council is a great opportunity to discuss the challenges faced by other institutions and how OCLC products and services can be developed to improve library management of electronic resources.”

The E-resource Advisory Council has influenced the cooperative’s direction in electronic resource management since it was formed in 2011, including:

  • Progress of the WorldCat knowledge base, the database which tracks library holdings of electronic resources
  • Development of WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager, the service that automatically delivers WorldCat MARC records for electronic materials to libraries and ensures that metadata and access URLs for these collections are continually updated
  • Recommendations for new e-resource partnerships

“OCLC is very fortunate to have this group of thought leaders guide our work and ensure that the solutions we develop in this critical area are aligned with the real world challenges that libraries are facing,” said Jill Fluvog, Director, e-Solutions, OCLC.

Members of the E-resource Advisory Council include:

  • Audrey Bondar, Librarian, Henry Ford Hospital
  • Brett Bonfield, Director, Collingswood Public Library
  • David Bryant, Cataloging Supervisor, Louisville Free Public Library
  • Maria Collins, Head of Acquisitions & Discovery, North Carolina State University
  • Joseph Hafner, Senior Director, Collection Services, McGill University
  • Dawn Hale, Head of Technical Services, Johns Hopkins University
  • Christine Hoeppner, Head, Resource Analysis & Service Assessment, The University of Winnipeg
  • Simone Kortekaas, Innovation & Development, project manager/consultant, Utrecht University
  • Sarah Price, Assistant Director Collection Management & Development at University of Birmingham
  • Carlen Ruschoff, Director of Technical Services at University of Maryland
  • Sarah Haight Sanabria, Leader, Electronic Resources & Serials, Southern Methodist University
  • Gregg Silvis, Associate University Librarian for Information Technology and Digital Initiatives, University of Delaware
  • Karla Strieb Associate Director, Collections, Technical Services, and Scholarly Communication at The Ohio State University
  • Adolfo R. Tarango, Assistant Program Director - Metadata Services, University of California San Diego
  • Holly Tomren, Head, Metadata Services, Drexel University Libraries
  • Marlene Van Ballegooie, Metadata Librarian, the University of Toronto Libraries
  • Nick Woolley, Head of Academic Library Services, Northumbria University

This OCLC E-resource Advisory Council represents academic, public and special libraries from the Americas and Europe.  The group will meet regularly over the next 12 months to share their experiences and act as a sounding board for OCLC’s developments in this constantly changing area.

For more information, visit the OCLC’s e-Resource Advisory Council Web page, or send an e-mail to