WorldCat where you want it: Add WorldCat data to your Credo Reference Topics pages

No Risk, No Cost, No Hassle

OCLC and Credo Reference have developed a special partnership in order to enhance your existing Credo Reference Topic Pages with WorldCat results. You can turn on this enhancement with no risk and no additional cost to your library.

Credo's Topic Pages give students and end-users vital context for thousands of topics from academic basics to current events. Credo Reference Topic pages pull together industry-leading reference, images, audio files and videos, but now with one click you can also include local materials available in your library, through the WorldCat Search API.

Customize your Pages now

Fill out the form at right and soon you'll see WorldCat results limited to your collections included with your Credo Reference Topic Pages. 

It's easy!

With your permission, OCLC can share your WorldCat Search API credentials (the "WSKey") with Credo Reference on your behalf. Don't know if you have one or not? Go ahead and fill out the form—we'll double check for you. It's that easy.

What you'll receive

Once you submit the form, you'll receive two (2) e-mail confirmations:

  • One from OCLC within two (2) business days, verifying you have applied for a WorldCat Search API key on behalf of your institution.
  • Another from Credo Reference within approximately two (2) weeks, letting you know that your localized view of Topic Pages is enabled.

Have more questions?

Credo’s Support team is ready to help at support@credoreference.com or 1-617-292-6125.


This special program is part of OCLC and Credo Reference's commitment to make things easier and provide more integrated services for you and your users.

Yes—I want to add WorldCat to my Credo Reference Topic Pages


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