OCLC WorldShare: Introducing sharing at Webscale—because the more we share, the better life gets.

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Connecting the world’s libraries to operate and innovate at Webscale

OCLC WorldShare provides a Web-based platform for collective innovation with shared services, integrated applications and a streamlined approach to managing library workflows. Together with WorldCat, WorldShare helps the world’s libraries connect in new ways to operate, innovate and collaborate at Webscale.

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Watch the video

Cover: Libraries at WebscaleRead the report Libraries at Webscale “Libraries at Webscale” is a report to the library community about the impact of the Web on our rapidly changing information landscape, with opinions and ideas from industry analysts, thought leaders and educators. Download

OCLC WorldShare

Library management at Webscale. OCLC WorldShare Management Services (WMS) provides libraries with a new approach to managing library services cooperatively, including integrated acquisitions, cataloging, circulation, patron administration, resource sharing and e-resource management. OCLC WorldShare services and applications eliminate traditional operational silos and deliver new efficiencies in library management, freeing libraries from the restrictions of local hardware and software to provide more time to focus on serving users and communities.

A platform for collective innovation. The OCLC WorldShare Platform is the technical infrastructure on which OCLC’s Webscale services are built and provides data, tools and services for library developers, users and partners to create and share applications collectively. Libraries can build applications to meet local needs, while benefiting from the innovation of the broader global library community.

OCLC WorldCat

A foundation of shared data. WorldCat represents a “collective collection” of the world’s libraries, built through the contributions of librarians, expanded and enhanced through individual, regional and national programs. WorldCat represents the electronic and digital materials most in demand by information seekers, as well as the important, unique items found only in local libraries.

Discovery and delivery at Webscale. OCLC’s discovery services allow libraries to expand their visibility and reach on the Web by connecting information seekers directly to the relevant information in their collections. WorldCat.org makes the items in libraries’ collections visible and available on the open Web. WorldCat Local customizes and enhances this service for a specific institution or consortium. Partnerships with major search engines and hundreds of other content suppliers and aggregators provide discovery and delivery of library materials in the broadest Web environment. Library materials are integrated into the workflows of scholars, researchers and information seekers.