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To continue collaboration, OCLC is developing ways to give a voice to the needs and concerns of the federal library community.

On this site, you’ll find important topics of interest to the federal library community, including details about OCLC's FedRAMP authorization to support secure library management. You’ll also read success stories of federal government agency libraries that use WorldShare Management Services (WMS), a fully integrated library services platform designed to meet the evolving needs of libraries.

Learn about the collaboration between OCLC, FEDLINK, and the Federal Library Community



OCLC and federal libraries

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Collaborating to define success for federal libraries

A panel discussion with library leaders

 (Duration: 30 minutes)

Panelists include:

  • Molly McManus, Chief, Information Science and Knowledge Management at US Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center
  • Richard Huffine, Chief, Library and Public Information Services at FDIC, Division of Administration
  • Stacy Bruss, Chief, Collection Services at Boulder Labs


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Meeting security standards

Partnering with federal libraries to offer secure and stable library services

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(Duration: 45 minutes)

Join OCLC, US Census Bureau, and FedRAMP to:

  • Learn about FedRAMP and its standardized approach to security in the cloud
  • Find out FedRAMP expectations for prospective and current WorldShare Management Services and WorldCat Discovery libraries
  • Understand agency requirements for a FedRAMP-authorized library services platform

Panelists include:

  • John Hamilton, FedRAMP Program Manager of Security Operations at FedRAMP
  • Mike Moorefield, Information Technology Specialist at US Census Bureau
  • Bart Murphy, Chief, Technology and Information Officer at OCLC

FedRAMP steps to request authorization for OCLC services

OCLC’s FedRAMP authorization includes WorldShare® Management Services, WorldShare Acquisitions, WorldShare Circulation, WorldShare Metadata Services, WorldShare Interlibrary Loan, WorldShare License Manage, WorldShare Report Designer, and WorldCat® Discovery. Some of these services are part of WorldShare Management Services but are offered as stand-alone products also included in the FedRAMP authorization.

Initial steps

  1. Download OCLC’s FedRAMP package access request form found on Marketplace
  2. Review OCLC’s System Security Plan (SSP) to be sure it meets agency needs
  3. Work with OCLC implementation team to connect your Identity Provider (IDP) to WMS 
  4. Approve an Authority to Operate (ATO)

Ongoing steps

  1. Review OCLC continuous monitoring reports (monthly)
  2. Review OCLC’s 3rd Party Assessment Organization (3PAO) accreditation (annually)

Hear what your peers are saying


Move from cataloging to curating for your users

Pritzker Military Museum & Library

Learn how Pritzker Military Museum & Library found time to expand their focus on guest and user services.


Increase e-content usage with systems that work together

National Academies Research Center

Find out how the National Academy of Sciences library increased catalog usage and saved staff time by using an integrated cloud-based suite of library management applications.

Learn more about the benefits of WMS

Available on-demand

Meeting security standards

A demonstration of WorldShare Management Services for federal libraries

Watch now

(Duration: 45 minutes)

  • Simplify your library’s workflows with an intuitive, web-based system that integrates applications—including OCLC services you may already be using—and eliminate redundant tasks
  • Help users quickly access your library’s, or group’s, resources—including eBooks, subscription databases and print—with a single-search from any device that links to full text or by requesting items via ILL or consortial borrowing systems
  • Automate the management of your e-resources so you can spend less time ordering, updating, and maintaining your electronic collections and spend more time assisting your patrons
  • Save on your budget since a WMS subscription includes traditional ILS applications and much more at no additional charge—including serials management, an openURL resolver, electronic resource management tools, authority control, A-to-Z list services, APIs, a digital collection harvesting tool, and more

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