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As an OCLC contributing member, your library will have access to a global network of thousands of other libraries working together to contribute data, pool expertise, and share the work of managing collective collections to provide access to knowledge.

When you catalog with us, you benefit from WorldCat®, the world’s largest bibliographic database. Only WorldCat marshals the collective expertise of thousands of libraries, partners, and OCLC staff members to continuously improve cataloging records for the benefit of the whole library community.

Let's get started

Your subscription includes a variety of services to support metadata management. Learn more about the individual tools and how they differ so you can decide what will work best for you and your library. Then, set up the services you want.

WorldShare® Collection Manager and Record Manager

Create your WorldShare password. Then use your library’s unique WorldShare URL and your username (which you should have received via email) to get started with WorldShare Record Manager and WorldShare Collection Manager.

Connexion® or Z39.50

To receive Connexion or Z39.50 cataloging credentials, complete the Access and Authorization request form. Then, download the Connexion client or set up Z39.50 cataloging

Cataloging APIs

Explore and request access to OCLC's cataloging APIs, including the WorldCat metadata API, WorldCat knowledge base API, and WorldCat registry API.

Use the WorldShare Admin tab to create other WorldShare staff accounts. For assistance with accounts, contact orders@oclc.org.

Reach out for help

Once you have your services set up, dive into our wide variety of free training and support options to optimize your processes and maximize cataloging efficiency.

Through OCLC Support, you can access free documentation, training videos, live and on-demand webinars, FAQs, and other information to help you get the most out of your services. We also offer free training on all products. 

Get training on OCLC services

Our virtual office hours give you a chance to speak directly with the WorldCat Metadata Quality Team, the WorldShare Collection Manager team, or the WorldShare Record Manager team.

And if you’re having trouble with one of your cataloging services, check the System Status Dashboard for a quick overview of all known issues.

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Resources to enhance your expertise

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Join the 60,000+ learners who expanded their skills online last year

Library staff and volunteers can access free, live webinars through WebJunction, and on‑demand courses and webinars in our Course Catalog.

Learn from others

OCLC brings libraries together to share knowledge and work across the globe. See how others use cataloging tools to improve WorldCat, local catalogs, and library services.

"It's very much a cooperative project, and it reflects the cooperative cataloging spirit that we all need and depend on. I'm hoping that other libraries share by replacing the current copy of the WorldCat records so that we’re all better off."


Becky Culbertson
Electronic Resources Cataloging Librarian, Shared Cataloging Program, California Digital Library

Member Stories

Library patron browsing in Lakewood Public Library

Outsource new title processing to get books in hands faster

Find out how Lakewood Public Library gets large monthly book orders out to library users within 24 hours of delivery.

Façade of CSIC's central building

Serve the global research community through international visibility

See how CSIC, the Spanish National Research Council, engages with researchers worldwide through highly visible collections.

Connect with your new community

Make connections and share best practices with metadata specialists from OCLC and libraries around the world through the OCLC Community Center.

The Cataloging and Metadata, WorldShare Collection Manager, and WorldShare Record Manager communities are buzzing with ideas for product improvements, virtual events, office hours, information about new enhancements, product roadmaps, training resources, and so much more.

Sign in with your WorldShare credentials to contribute and learn from the ongoing discussion.

Join the OCLC Community Center

Also, subscribe to OCLC listservs, such as OCLC-CAT, to particpate in a public forum about OCLC products and services.


Participate in library research

OCLC Research is one of the world’s leading centers devoted exclusively to the challenges facing libraries today. Among other work, we’ve explored the potential of linked data through original research, surveys, and prototypes in partnership with libraries worldwide to understand and overcome barriers. We encourage member institutions to participate in and learn from our research projects, and we offer free access to our reports, data sets, and applications.

Access free research publications


Get involved beyond cataloging

The OCLC library network provides unparalleled access to the world’s collected knowledge in ways that couldn’t be achieved independently. And it provides all libraries with the ability to address shared challenges at scale. When you actively participate in OCLC—through leadership, advocacy, events, and other opportunities—you help libraries advance further, faster together.

Learn and contribute