How libraries connect people to your community from all over the Web

Libraries are making their resources visible in the Web spaces where people work

For centuries, libraries have served as the information hubs of local communities. Now, on the Web, people get information from many more companies and organizations. Rather than relying on just a few sources, we pick and choose from a huge number of options. And libraries are playing an increasingly important role in this networked environment.

Libraries provide a variety of online services themselves and, just as importantly, help connect other services back to resources within their communities. We sometimes think of the entire Web as one big library. And, online, librarians are doing what they’ve always done—helping us find and access the best information for our needs.

OCLC efforts to support public libraries include:

  • The Geek the Library Program—aimed at spreading the word about the vital and growing role of your public library, and to raise awareness about the critical funding issues many US public libraries face.
  • Membership reports such as From Awareness to Funding: A study of library support in America.
  • WebJunction—a free, online training and education community for public librarians.

Learn more in video "Syndication for Libraries"

To find out more about how libraries are joining together to be in more places, services and conversations online, please take a few minutes to watch a brief informational video, “Syndication for Libraries.” It describes some of the ways in which libraries are collaborating to reach audiences on the Web in order to better serve local students, families and businesses.