Rediscover the power of your FirstSearch®/WorldCat® Discovery subscription

At your library, students, faculty, and staff use WorldCat Discovery to find electronic and physical resources through WorldShare Management Services (WMS). From links to online resources and virtual shelf browsing to placing holds for pickup at the curb or in a locker, the WorldCat Discovery interface makes it easy for your users to find and get the resources that are essential to their success.

View this recording to review the benefits of a FirstSearch/WorldCat Discovery subscription you receive as part of your existing WMS subscription, including:

  • Precision searching of WorldCat on FirstSearch to quickly find resources on nearly any topic in the collections of Iowa libraries and thousands of other libraries across the country and around the world
  • Access to a rapidly growing collection of open content that expands the reach of your collections without impacting your budget.
  • Visibility on to people who begin their searches on search engines and popular non-library websites such as Google Books, Google Scholar, and Wikipedia.