93% of all library staff agree: We’d recommend hosted EZproxy

Make the switch to hosted EZproxy

As a standalone EZproxy subscriber, you already know that it provides a simple, secure way for users to connect to your library’s e-content from almost anywhere. Hosted EZproxy provides those same benefits, but also saves you time, money, and hassle.

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Moving to hosted EZproxy: Our library’s experience

Get specifics from library colleagues who recently migrated to hosted EZproxy. And, learn about this cloud-based service and the benefits and time savings of moving to a controlled EZproxy environment, preparation needed for your own migration, and streamlined, four-step implementation process. 

Photo: Megan Heady

Megan Heady
Director, Knowledge Access and Resource Management,
West Virginia University

Photo: Amy Coughenour

Amy Coughenour
Diversity and User Experience Consortial Training Coordinator,
Orbis Cascade Alliance/State Library of Oregon

Here's what EZproxy users are saying


89 percent say switching to hosted had a positive impact


91 percent are satisfied with support


95 percent would speak favorably about the product

“Far less labor-intensive than stand-alone. Having hosted EZproxy has saved our IT staff hundreds of hours over the past 10 years. To quote the greatest infomercial tagline: ‘Set it and forget it.’ Thank you!"

—US librarian

“It has removed a lot of stress and has made updates much smoother. Previously, we had to work with our IT department, and they were not well-equipped to manage our EZproxy service.”

—Anonymous survey response

Less stress with hosted EZproxy

You don’t have to worry about keeping your database stanzas current, managing upgrades, or renewing SSL certificates. You don’t have to rely on an IT person or department whose priorities may be outside your library’s workflows. And, best of all, your EZproxy server will always be up to date, which mitigates security risks and technical problems.

Reduced IT maintenance

The benefits are real. Libraries using standalone EZproxy reported saving an average of about three weeks’ worth of maintenance work annually when they switched to our hosted EZproxy service.

Save even more by switching now. For a limited time, standalone libraries are eligible for a three-year discounted pricing program.

Save more by switching now

For a limited time, standalone EZproxy libraries are eligible for a three-year discounted pricing program. Complete this form to speak to your sales representative about this special offer.