OCLC Symposium: 
“The Internet of Things: Coming Soon to Everywhere”


Friday, 27 June 2014
1:00 to 3:00 pm, Pacific Time
ALA Annual, Las Vegas


About the OCLC Symposium: “The Internet of Things: Coming Soon to Everywhere”

A recent Pew Research Internet Project report predicts that “The Internet of Things (IoT) will thrive by 2025,” and suggests that "the opportunities and challenges resulting from amplified connectivity will influence nearly everything, nearly everyone, nearly everywhere."
But the Internet of Things goes beyond smartphones and tablets. Smart cars will tell us when to get gas based on our navigation plans. Alarm clocks will wake us earlier if there’s an accident on the route to work. Health monitors for people and animals will provide real-time alerts that summon appropriate care. Applications like these are already available on relatively small scales. But how will our lives change when entire systems of objects—buildings and communities, energy grids, public safety, transportation, schools, healthcare facilities and factories—all connect, communicate and react?



Jane Treadwell, University Librarian and Dean of Library Instructional Services at the University of Illinois Springfield, and Americas Regional Council Chair, will give a brief update on the Americas Regional Council and welcome new delegates.


Lisa Carlucci Thomas, Director & Founder of Design Think Do, a creative services and consulting firm specializing in libraries and information services, will discuss IoT implications for libraries. Lisa is a 2010 Library Journal Mover & Shaker, a 2009 ALA Emerging Leader, and a MLIS graduate of Syracuse University.


Daniel Obodovski, author of the 2013 book, The Silent Intelligence, will give a keynote presentation about how the Internet of Things is taking shape today. Daniel was Director of Business Development at Qualcomm for M2M (machine-to-machine) products, and today consults with companies who want to bring IoT services to market.

Following these presentations, members of the Americas Regional Council will facilitate table discussions on topics explored during the symposium. 

We will conclude the video portion of the webcast at this time, but virtual participants are welcome to continue to chat about the day's topics.