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Your library's why

To connect everyone to information, ideas, and each other. We provide a wide range of children's, teen, and adult physical and electronic resources and collections as well as outreach services, including booktalks for elementary and middle school students, services for homebound patrons, and outreach to childcare centers. Our ever-changing calendar of programs and events is diverse, including musical performances, lectures, art exhibits, classes, book groups, storytimes, and more.

The purpose of OCLC Wise® 

To help libraries have a greater impact on people’s lives

Wise is the first and only community engagement system for US public libraries. Uniquely holistic in its design, Wise combines the power of customer relationship management, marketing, and analytics with ILS functions.

“I chose Wise because it connects us to our customers in a way that I haven't seen before.”


Brigitte Blanton
Director, Greensboro Public Library

“We're looking forward to some of the ways we can interact with Wise ... so we can make more informed choices about the programs we offer.”


Faith Brautigam
Director of Kokomo-Howard Public Library

Wise is more than a traditional ILS

The key difference is traditional ILSs are designed around the item. Wise is designed around people.

Wise is not designed around the collection, it’s designed around people—library users, community members, and library staff.​​

Impact where it matters most: Wise provides an effective foundation to streamline operations, while also encouraging (and inspiring!) library staff to have more impact where it matters most to them, their customers and their community. ​​

Integrated functionality: Wise is a community engagement system that combines the power of customer relationship management, marketing, and analytics with ILS functions. It empowers data‑driven decisions across functions. ​​

Empowers stronger customer relationships: Wise helps libraries understand preferences and interests of customers and supports personalized engagement that gets the right message to the right people at the right time.

​​Proven system: Wise is a proven system currently used by more than 75% of public libraries in the Netherlands; We spent two years working with U.S. public libraries, reviewing specific requirements and making meaningful modifications to ensure Wise meets the specific needs and workflows of US public libraries. ​​

24/7 availability: Wise supports a robust customer experience that’s accessible around the clock.

OCLC is different than traditional ILS vendors

Since the beginning, we’ve been a nonprofit, member-driven organization. No investors here! Every dollar goes right back in to support our work to help libraries thrive. This philosophy is built into how we work. It’s in our DNA. We don’t just provide products and resources to libraries, we listen to, develop research alongside, collaborate with, and innovate for libraries. We’re more than a vendor, we’re a partner.

And everything we do is driven by purpose… not profit. When we come together as a network of libraries, we can address shared challenges at scale. And we can better understand the evolving needs of libraries, their users, and their communities. It’s simple. We have greater impact when we work together.

And we innovate with that purpose and the future of libraries in mind. Never in isolation, but with our large network of members, our Global Council, our online OCLC Community Center, and so many other constant touchpoints… like a focus group, or convening a panel of industry experts, or even a casual phone call to a library director to ask for insight or ideas.

Together as OCLC, member libraries, staff, and partners, we make breakthroughs possible.

OCLC is committed to community engagement


​​Capira Technologies is now part of OCLC

​​OCLC is excited to bring Capira’s intuitive mobile product line to more libraries and add the talented Capira Technologies staff to the OCLC team. Libraries are increasingly using mobile technology to engage with their patrons and serve their communities, especially now. CapiraMobile, the fastest-growing public library mobile app on the market, and other Capira products are now part of OCLC.  CapiraCurbside allows for easy curbside delivery for library staff and patrons with the ability to preschedule a pick-up time. Roughly 500 public libraries are already using one or more of Capira’s mobile products to engage with their communities.


​​​​OCLC Community Engagement Award

​​​​OCLC is very much involved in helping public libraries improve how they engage with their communities, and has been for decades. OCLC recently honored three libraries with the Community Engagement Award and had a celebration to highlight their important work, while showcasing our admiration and support. Learn more about the winning projects.

Other initiatives/resources from OCLC


Investing in your safety: REALM 

​​OCLC, The Institute of Museum and Library Services, and Battelle are collaborating to support reopening practices for US archives, libraries, and museums in light of COVID-19. Get the latest updates.


​​Free professional development resources 

​​Build your skills and knowledge with WebJunction’s online Course Catalog. Choose from over 200 self-paced courses, webinar recordings and other great learning materials made especially for library staff and volunteers. Create your free account and start learning today.

​​Wise Product Demos


​​Wise - Sys Admin Consortial Settings

​​Wise - Public Catalog overview

​​Wise - Holds Management overview

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Wise - System Administration

Wise - Collection Management

Wise - Reports

Wise - Cataloging and Serials

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