Photo Challenges

CHALLENGE #1:Destination Clarity

Clarity of vision begins with a focus on the destination and an understanding of where we are on the journey. Take a photo along your journey to the 2019 Global Sales Meeting in Dublin, Ohio USA and post it to the Activity Stream.

CHALLENGE #2:FY20 in Focus

At the end of the day, it’s about making the sale. Building long-term relationships, finding opportunities to up-sell, and creating passionate supporters along the way. Take a photo that represents your main focus for FY20 and post it to the Activity Stream.

CHALLENGE #3:Success Stories

It’s all about the right perspective…the customer’s perspective. Success lies in understanding their needs so that we have the ability to add value and become essential to solving their problems. Take a photo of something that you feel is essential to your success and post it to the Activity Stream.

Photo Challenge Rules

All (3) photo challenges will stay open until 12:00 PM on 9/12. At the end of the meeting, we’ll be awarding prizes to the top three overall participants. Points will be awarded to individual participants for all actions (not only photo challenges) on the app, including posting/liking photos, leaving a comment, or answering questions/polls. Below is the point system for each action:

Activity Points
Posting photos 10 points
Posting a message on the activity stream 5 points
Adding a comment 3 points
Participating in a poll 3 points
Your content is liked or commented on by others 2 points
Liking a photo/comment 1 point