The Future of OCLC Cataloging, Discovery and Interlibrary Loan Services

Using Webscale to deliver library resources, services and expertise at the point of need, within user workflows and in a manner that users want and understand.

OCLC’s Cataloging, FirstSearch and WorldCat Resource Sharing services will undergo major change during the next few years to support the evolving needs of libraries. This transformation will provide new and expanded functionality to OCLC members. It will also advance OCLC’s strategy to collaboratively build Webscale with libraries.


OCLC WorldShare® Metadata is now available. This set of new applications and services will be made available in phases over the next few years.

In August 2012, OCLC introduced OCLC WorldShare® Metadata Collection Manager. This new service automatically delivers WorldCat® MARC records and maintains WorldCat holdings for all or subsets of your collection, including licensed, digital and physical materials. The bibliographic metadata for all titles and access URLs for e-content are continually updated in your discovery interface.

In June 2013, OCLC introduced the WorldCat Metadata API through the OCLC WorldShare® Platform, which enables you to manage WorldCat data through integration with library- and partner-built applications. Libraries use the Metadata API to conveniently add and enrich WorldCat records and maintain WorldCat holdings information and local bibliographic data.

In September 2013, OCLC introduced WorldShare® Metadata Record Manager. This initial release is available to all libraries using WorldShare® Management Services (WMS) and provides an efficient, record-at-a-time metadata management solution to describe one-of-a-kind physical, electronic and digital items. Plus, users can now manage local bibliographic data (LBD). OCLC will continue to enhance Record Manager over the next few years to further streamline metadata management and enhance discoverability of your library's materials.

Note to non-WMS libraries:

Record Manager will be available to early adopter users in 2014. There is no end of life date for Connexion® and additional migration information will be available at a later time.

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WorldCat® Discovery Services is a new suite of cloud-based applications that brings the FirstSearch® and WorldCat® Local services together. The new suite enables people to discover more than 3 billion electronic, digital and physical resources in libraries around the world through a single search of both WorldCat® and a central index that represents 2,510 e-content collections. This makes it possible for 18,000+ FirstSearch libraries to offer a richer discovery experience.

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Interlibrary loan

The new OCLC WorldShare™  Interlibrary Loan service is now available worldwide to libraries that subscribe to WorldCat Resource Sharing. The new service replaces the current WorldCat Resource Sharing service. Libraries will transition from WorldCat Resource Sharing to WorldShare Interlibrary Loan until May 19, 2014, when access to WorldCat Resource Sharing ends.

The new service will transform traditional interlibrary loan into a broader fulfillment service that supports evolving workflow changes such as purchasing needed items instead of borrowing them. This will position interlibrary loan as one of many options a library can offer to suit library policies and user needs.

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Implementation timelines for OCLC Cataloging, Discovery and Interlibrary Loan Services

The timelines illustrate the current schedules for the phased implementations of OCLC’s WorldShare Metadata, WorldCat Discovery and WorldShare Interlibrary Loan services.


More information

The Future of OCLC Cataloging, ILL and Discovery at Webscale, 27 January 2013

David Whitehair, Metadata Management, Mindy Pozenel, WorldCat Discovery Services, and Katie Birch, Delivery Services, present the future of OCLC’s cataloging, discovery and interlibrary loan services. Topics include new tools for a complete metadata management solution for licensed, digital and print resources; how expert search features will enhance a compelling staff and user search experience; and a new interlibrary loan service that will transform traditional ILL with a broader set of fulfillment options.

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