OCLC @ PLA 2022

Building stronger communities, together

We create technology that helps libraries thrive. And we want to support your efforts to inspire change in your local communities. If you joined us at PLA we hope you were energized by OCLC's community engagement spotlight talks featuring library leaders and the exciting product updates. Unable to connect with OCLC at PLA? Please enjoy the recordings of all community engagement spotlight talks.

Photo: Librarian taking an online WebJunction course

Free learning resources for public libraries

WebJunction offers free, on-demand professional development and continuing education resources that build the knowledge, skills, and confidence library staff need to deliver transformational services to their communities.

Expand your community efforts with OCLC products


Community engagement

We’re bringing library voices together with #EngagedLibraries, a social media campaign that invites library workers to share stories of community engagement success.

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