OCLC Canada Advisory Council

Conference meeting minutes - 13 May 2009


  • Daniel Boivin, Director, OCLC Canada
  • Bruce Crocco, Vice-President, Library Services for the Americas, OCLC
  • Elizabeth (aka Beth) Barlow, Chief Librarian, Surrey Public Library
  • Gillian Cantello, Acting/DG Published Heritage / DG int. Patrimoine de l'édition, Library and Archives Canada, Documentary Heritage Collection Sector
  • Hélène Roussel, Directrice générale, Direction générale de la diffusion, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales
  • Bill Maes, University Librarian, Dalhousie University
  • John Teskey, Director of Libraries, Univ. of New Brunswick
  • Ernie Ingles, Vice Provost & Chief Librarian, University of Alberta

Submitted Agenda:

  1. Opening of the meeting and agenda approval (Chair, John Teskey)
  2. Review the minutes of the February OCAC meeting (update, questions)
  3. Update on the Americas Regional Council (Beth Barlow)
  4. Review of Members Council agenda for the May meeting (includes governance study)
  5. Moving library management services to Web scale -- Discussion with Andrew Pace from OCLC in Ohio
  6. WorldCat Local Quick Start (Bruce Crocco/Daniel Boivin)
  7. Changes to the Charter (See text provided)
  8. OCAC Fall meeting discussion (Need to look at availability in Nov. and/or Dec.)
  9. CLA activities
  10. Other business

1. Opening of the meeting and agenda approval (Chair, John Teskey)

Mr. Teskey asked the members if they had any changes or additions to make to the agenda and none were proposed. The agenda was approved as is.

2. Review the minutes of the February OCAC meeting (update, questions)

Ms. Barlow indicated that the purpose of her presentation to Members Council (MC) as indicated on page three (3), point p, of the February minutes had been modified in light of the current economic challenges many libraries are facing. She will instead be talking about the economic impact seen and felt by Canadian libraries.

3. Update on the Americas Regional Council

Beth Barlow reported that their work in preparation to the MC in May was pretty much completed. The framework will be presented to MC for approval in May. Here is the possible meetings time frame described by Ms. Barlow:

  • July 9 at ALA – planning meeting for any MC/GC ARC delegates who are at ALA
  • January 16 (Fri) in the a.m. before the OCLC Symposium – recommended as time for an information meeting for any OCLC Americas members attending Mid-Winter in Boston – OCAC members would be welcome – ARC should confirm this at the May 18 meeting of ARC MC delegates or at the July 9 meeting.
  • June 25 (Fri) a.m. just before OCLC Symposium – first ARC Annual Meeting – open to all OCLC Americas members
  • Note that meetings won’t always be held in conjunction with ALA – just works to get the most people for this first year.

Ms. Barlow will send the ARC summary document to the OCAC members but the highlights are as follows:

  • ARC delegates are not elected delegates. ARC is open to all OCLC members.
  • A revised membership description was designed and is more inclusive which will increase the membership to nearly 14,000 members. Libraries buying “products" will be participants.
  • ARC will have an elected executive council.
  • Starts on July 1, 09. Governance will be made of three officers: chair, vice-chair elect and secretary with four delegates at large (1 is from Canada, 1 LAC, 2 US).
  • Chair of implementation team becomes first chair of ARC and the existing committee will serve as being the first Executive Council for the next year. Ms. Barlow is on it.
  • ARC will elect new officers next fiscal year.
  • The bylaw will be defined over the next 2 years.
  • ARC’s will aim at: be inclusive for discussion, assure communicates two ways with member and OCLC, advice OCLC Global Council (GC) on issues, elect delegates to GC.
  • ARC will have a minimum of one in-person meeting annually.
  • ARC has a nomination committee made of five members: one from Canada, one from LAC and three from the US. The committee will elect its own chair. Ms. Barlow suggested that if OCLC Canada wants to have its own representative on the nomination committee, John could step up since on Global Council still for one year or someone from OCAC because it is open. In fact, any members from Canada could step up. It is a great opportunity for an OCAC member to try.
  • It is expected that the meetings will have presentations and discussions on a wide range of topics. The annual meeting will be in person but it is not excluded to also have this through the Web if more appropriate. It is planned to also find ways to allow for voting remotely. As for MC, the voting will probably be limited to one officially designated individual per library: the director, CEO, chief of libraries.
  • Expect that candidates for ARC or the Global Council to be reserved to professional employees of the libraries or members of the governing board of libraries.
  • A minimum of two (2) persons per vacancy will need to be nominated so that at least one can be elected.
  • Americas Regional member delegates on Global Council number is sitting at around 33 out of 48 during the transition. The geographic distribution is maintained during the transition.
  • Global Council will have three (3) seats dedicated to Canadians. The minimum number of delegates from Canada is set at three (3), elected or nominated, twelve (12) from the US, two (2) from LAC and two (2) from memory institutions. It is a three (3) year term.
  • In adding all of these positions and responsibilities, it appears that a minimum of four (4) representatives from Canada could ideally be involved at one point through ARC and/or Global Council.
  • OCLC will provide funding to run the regional meetings and Global Council (meeting once a year). OCLC staff will also be made available to help in various ways. The Parliamentary authority is Sturgis.
  • Ms. Barlow and Mr. Teskey’s term on GC will end in 2010.

Ms. Barlow expects the vote to pass during MC. Next plan is to have executive committee to meet with others MC at ALA in July. Global Council first meeting is expected to occur during spring 2010. First annual ARC meeting should be on June 25th, 2010, just before ALA and it will be open to all members. Next meetings could be with CLA, ACRL, ARL, etc. This topic of locations and dates is open for discussion so that the meetings can bring as many participants as possible.

The OCAC thanked Ms. Barlow for her hard work and involvement. 

4. Review of Members Council agenda for the May meeting

The main topic of the meeting is the new governance and the points were addressed in agenda item no. 2.

The other main topic was regarding the “Record use policy”. OCAC members indicated their high interest in following its evolution and communications will be posted on various OCLC listservs. MC meeting will discuss this on the Monday.

5. Moving library management services to Web scale (Andrew Pace)

Andrew Pace presentation is posted on the OCAC private Web site.

6. WorldCat Local Quick Start (Bruce Crocco/Daniel Boivin)

Mr. Crocco and Mr. Boivin summarized what this new offering was and compared it with the current WorldCat Local paid solution. Since this was what triggered announcing the Web scale library management services solution at OCLC, it was appropriate to expand on this briefly.

7. Changes to the Charter

OCAC addressed this item before the WorldCat Copyright Evidence agenda item since Mr. Carney had not joined the call yet.

At the February meeting, one action was to propose new wording for the possible on-going inclusion of representatives from LAC, CISTI and BAnQ. After the comments received during the call and consulting with George Needham, OCAC members were asked to vote on the following wording:

“New Council members are appointed by the existing members with the help of the director of OCLC Canada. Both will assure a diverse representation with the goal of balancing the Council geographically, linguistically as well as by library type. There may be up to nine (9) voting members. There will be three ex officio voting members of the Council, one each representing the Library and Archives of Canada (LAC), the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI) and Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ).

The OCLC Global Council delegates representing OCLC Canada will be members of the OCAC. These delegates will automatically be assigned as voting members to the Advisory Council during their respective terms.”

OCAC members voted unanimously in-favor of these changes.

The OCAC members also suggested taking the opportunity to review the wording of the Charter and change Members Council to Global Council.

8. OCAC Fall meeting discussion (Need to look at availability in Nov. and/or Dec.)

OCAC Members agreed to push the usual early fall meeting a little later in the fall knowing that we could not find an agreeable date for all. Moreover, it is not required anymore to have the meeting just before the fall Members Council meeting since this meeting will not occur any longer. New dates will be submitted by Daniel Boivin.

9. CLA activities

Mr. Boivin explained that the Symposium registration was moving along nicely and everything indicated it would be a success like for the first year. OCLC Canada will present the CLA/OCLC Canada Award for Resource Sharing achievement during the cocktail following the Symposium. Moreover, it was not decided yet if an activity would occur at the new office but OCLC Canada will be running various small demos within a suite located at the Delta Downtown Montreal (Sony Reader, Language Sets and new Coop Purchasing products from ATLAS – ARES and Aeon).

10. Other business


Actions required before the next meeting Responsibility
1. Changing the section of the charter regarding the three ex-officio members. Daniel Boivin (done)
2. Changing Members Council to Global Council in the Charter. Daniel Boivin (done)
3. Proposed new dates for the fall face to face OCAC meeting. Daniel Boivin (done)