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OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council Meeting

Libraries at the Crossroads: Tracking Digital Footprints: Recognizing and Predicting User Behavior

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Libraries at the Crossroads: Tracking Digital Footprints. APAC Regional Council Conference 2016

The Asia Pacific Regional Council Meeting 2016 is being held in Hong Kong from 1 to 2 December. The theme of this year's meeting is 'Tracking Digital Footprints: Recognizing and Predicting User Behavior.'

Libraries are at a crossroads, a crucial point where a decision must be made.

These crossroads relate to a number of different influences:

  • Technological - while many users still see a library as a physical place, often containing many bound volumes of books, technology has moved us on and much library use is not "virtual". The book, still occupies much of the space in libraries. Crucial decisions must be made about how much space, effort and budget we will devote to "print on paper".
  • Moral - we may no longer be restricted in our ability to analyse data to derive ever greater insights but does that mean morally and legally that we should? As information professionals, we are bound by the responsibility to observe people's right to privacy, while recognizing that greater openness also promotes the advancement of knowledge.
  • Societal - competing demands for scarce resources has led to many schools, communities and institutions questioning whether expenditure on libraries is at an appropriate level and what role the library plays in the community. Crucial decisions must be made about the level of investment in libraries and the role of libraries in the community.
  • Generational - the "selfie generation" doesn't just use the Internet - they live on it. Crucial decisions must be made by libraries regarding the investment (in time, focus and budget) they wish to make in connecting with this new generation of users - or non-users.

These influences have a profound impact on libraries of all kinds:

  • Decisions surrounding collections and their stewardship
  • New digital services we need to provide
  • Data-mining activity of our outputs
  • Infrastructure and the design of our spaces

This event is open to libraries, museums and archives across Asia Pacific. It is targeted at decision makers in our member institutions who are challenging themselves to think beyond their current audience.

Please note, there will be a cost for attending this event. For more information, please visit the Conference Fees page.

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Date de début

01 décembre 2016

Date de fin

02 décembre 2016


Hong Kong


Harbour Grand Hotel