Cataloging and metadata services

By integrating your eContent with OCLC cataloging and metadata services, you can offer your customers a unique value-added service that will increase visibility of your eContent and make it easier for librarians around the world to catalog their newest acquisitions.

Vendor record contribution

eContent providers may work with OCLC to load MARC records for new materials into WorldCat as early as possible in the publishing cycle.

Vendor-prompted cataloging

Publishers and jobbers can work together with OCLC to provide an all-inclusive acquisitions-with-cataloging solution for libraries that sets holdings in WorldCat.

WorldCat Selection service

WorldCat Selection service helps libraries save time and money by streamlining their selection and ordering process for new materials. By participating in this program, you can provide selectors with notification records for new materials and direct access to your acquisition systems.

eSerials Holdings service

By participating in the OCLC eSerials Holdings service, you can increase the visibility of your content and provide libraries with value-added services that improve processes and workflow efficiencies.