Apply by April 30 for the OCLC Award for Innovative Cooperation Initiatives in the Caribbean

OCLC is committed to international cooperation, research and innovation for the advancement of librarianship. The OCLC Award for Innovative Cooperation Initiatives in the Caribbean recognizes a school, academic, public or national library for an innovative initiative that leverages cooperation in the planning and implementation of a program or service—ideally using technology—for the benefit of its employees, users or community.

This Award is given to a library, information or archival service. The Award is granted annually during the Red Carpet Evening—ACURILEAN Evening of Awards. The Award is given to an institution, not an individual. If the proposals submitted in a given year do not meet the basic criteria, the jury reserves the right to forego giving the Award that year. Proposals may be submitted by an institution, or by a single individual, or a group of individuals on behalf of an institution, so long as the leadership of the institution is in agreement with the information submitted.

The winning institution will be informed prior to the ACURIL Conference so that a representative from the institution can make arrangements to attend the conference to receive the Award, as well as provide a brief presentation on the project to ACURIL Conference attendees.

This Award is open to all projects that demonstrate some form of innovative cooperation in libraries, information or archival services. Qualifying institutions must be located within ACURIL’s territories.

Learn more about ACURIL's upcoming conference:

ACURIL 2017 Puerto Rico
4 - 8 June 2017, Condado Plaza Hilton Hotel

Theme for this year's conference:
"Multidisciplinary Research in the Caribbean: A Collaborative Approach"

Professional and Personal Development Opportunities for Lifelong Learning in Libraries, Archives and Museums in the Caribbean

Annual program details

Application deadline
April 30

Application submission
Online form


Award announcement
Red Carpet Evening—ACURILEAN Evening of Awards, ACURIL Conference

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General inquiries

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