Wise services


The Bibliotheek Collectie Beheermodule (BCB) Module is a library collection management module for bicatWise, which focuses on acquisition, circulation, and collection analysis. The BCB puts the collection first and foremost—it looks at what should be included in the collection, how much room there is available, the relevance of the collection (acquisition and age), and the circulation frequency. For more information, see the BCB page in Dutch.


BicatWise is the most complete public library system available. The modular design and the option to get licenses for additional capabilities makes it extra attractive. It allows libraries to manage patrons, collections, acquisitions, loan requests, finances, and management information while adjusting this management to their workflows. For more information, see the bicatWise page in Dutch.


HostedWise allows public libraries to get centralized updates of their management and maintenance software for their automated library systems. This allows them not only to save time but also to relying on specialized staff with the expertise to update their local systems, while ensuring full performance and availability of their vital applications. For more information, see the hostedWise page in Dutch.

Marketingmodule (Plus)

The Marketingmodule (Plus) is a customer relationship management system for bicatWise built especially around public library users. This provides libraries with a wealth of information that they can use for marketing purposes. Libraries can find out who their users are, what they do, and if they are happy with the library’s products and services so they can adjust their offerings to the different needs of each type of user. The Plus module takes this even further with functionality such as triggering marketing activities, campaign management, discount vouchers, and reporting. For more information, see the Marketingmodule (Plus) page in Dutch.


MediatheekWise is a catalog as well as circulation and media management software, especially designed for secondary education in the Netherlands. It is part of bicatWise because of the close cooperation between public libraries and schools. It allows public libraries to take over (part of) school library management, allowing users to search in physical and digital collections in the school library as well as the public library or nationally using the Wisecat+ technology. For more information, see the mediatheekWise page in Dutch.


PayWise is an integrated payment solution for bicatWise. The clear design especially for touch screens makes it easy to use. Patrons can simply scan their public library card to view their outstanding payment details and decide to pay in full or in part (up to a certain amount or only the oldest fine). For more information, see the payWise page in Dutch.

School Wise®

School Wise is a Wise module that includes tools to promote reading, full visibility of physical and digital resources, extra title information for schools, and a direct link to the Dutch national monitor for reading promotion via the data warehouse. For more information, see the school Wise page in Dutch.


TheaterWise is a professional ticket solution for theaters and other stages based on the reliable Wise system. It provides functionality for marketing, customer relationship management, and administrative cooperation using a common client database with bicatWise. By monitoring a patron’s loan and visit history, a detailed profile can be created to send personalized newsletters, text messages or emails. For more information, see the theaterWise page in Dutch.


TicketWise is an add-on module to bicatWise to help public libraries save time and effort on the online and on-site sale of tickets to community events and to ensure that this sale and administration is carried out professionally. TicketWise allows libraries to manage different rooms in several locations, tickets without assigned seats, a pre-determined number of available tickets per activity, repeat activities, and real-time insight into the number of tickets sold/available. For more information, see the ticketWise page in Dutch.


The Wisecat+ is the new discovery component for Wise. With one search query, public library users can find available items in the local collection and in other libraries in the Netherlands. If so wished, they can directly request to put an item on hold. Wisecat+ also provides suggestions as you type in the search field and searches for similar results. It searches in several fields at the same time (author, title, subject, and series) or by faceted search results, and it can sort by relevance, title, author, date, or popularity. For more information, see the Wisecat+ page in Dutch.