Overview of Statements page

The Statements page lists the statements for a billing account. Use the page to view and print PDF versions of statements.

Click a statement date in the list to view the statement in a separate window. Statements include all open items as of the statement date. 18 months of statements are available.

When you go to the Statements page, all statements for the billing account are listed, with up to 10 statements shown in the list at one time.

Filter by statement year

To limit the number of statements listed, click Filter by statement year to show the Year box. Then select a year and click View.

Transaction types and entry types

See the Glossary for definitions of transaction types and entry types.

Sort the list

When you go to the Statements page, the statements are sorted in descending, statement date order with the most recent statement at the top.

Click the column heading to reverse the order of the sort.

Navigate the list

The item numbers of the statements that are currently shown on the page appear above and below the list. For example, “Items 1 - 10” indicates that the statements designated as items 1-10 are currently shown.

Up to 10 statements are shown at one time. If no Next or Prev (previous) link appears with the item numbers, all of the statements that match the current filter are shown.

If more than 10 statements match the current filter, the list is divided into parts. Next and Prev (previous) links appear with the item numbers so you can navigate the parts of the list.

You can use the filter to shorten the list.

Navigate the billing information

For more information about using this page and the other billing information pages, see How do I navigate our billing information?