Billing information

Overview of Billing Information page

The Billing Information page is the entrance to your billing information in the OCLC Online Service Center. Use the page to view the balances of your billing accounts that are directly billed by OCLC.

Click a billing account number to select a billing account and go to the Account Summary page for that account.

OCLC account number and symbol

Your OCLC account number and OCLC symbol appear at the top of the page under your library or institution name. The billing information that you see in this Online Service Center account relates to that account number and symbol. If your library or institution has other OCLC account numbers and symbols that have billing information, you must log on to an Online Service Center account for each of them to see their billing information.


The Billing Information page shows the current balance for each billing account. Balances and other billing information are updated daily. Credit balances are shown in parentheses.

No direct billed accounts found

The following message may appear instead of a list of billing accounts: “No direct billed accounts found - please contact your billing partner.”

The Online Service Center only includes billing accounts that are directly billed by OCLC. For more information, see Why are some of our billing accounts missing?

Accounts billed by a billing partner may be listed

If your library has billing accounts that are directly billed by OCLC and billing accounts that are billed through a billing partner, both types of accounts are listed on the Billing Information page. However, invoices, statements, and transactions for accounts billed through a billing partner are not available in the Online Service Center. The account balance for these accounts is shown as $0.00 on the Billing Information page regardless of the actual balance. Contact your billing partner for information about these accounts.

Navigate the billing information

For more information about using this page and the other billing information pages, see How do I navigate our billing information?