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Reference management

Reach users in a variety of ways

Communicate with your users with real-time chat using widgets or webforms. Widgets are easily integrated with most library management systems, courseware—anywhere your users have questions. E-mail is available too, through webforms or an e-mail address.

Save time with a cloud-based system

If you have a Web browser, you have access. There are no client-side downloads or additional applications required.

Manage live and phone activity, too

The online management of reference transactions can also track walk-up and phone activity. This enables you to handle follow-up tasks, question assignments and referrals using a single, integrated, Web-based interface.

Save and share local expertise

Work together with other libraries in your group to share chat queues, question referrals and a shared knowledge base. You also have access to the global knowledge base, built by contributions from all QuestionPoint member libraries.

Understand usage through reports

Our standard reports provide detail on usage patterns, types of questions and more. 

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24/7 Reference® Cooperative

Offer reference service around the clock

The QuestionPoint 24/7 Reference Cooperative staffs your chat service with professional librarians from participating libraries, supplemented by the QuestionPoint backup staff for fail-safe coverage. Our Quality Team ensures that your community receives trustworthy, real-time, one-on-one reference assistance.

Expand hours of coverage

Membership in the cooperative means expanded hours of coverage without increasing staff—libraries can participate with only a modest weekly contribution of staffing to the cooperative.

Work with other groups in ways that make sense for you

Flexible group membership options allow libraries to belong to multiple reference groups simultaneously, such as a library system, local consortium, statewide initiative or a subject-specific group.

The QuestionPoint reference management service gives librarians tools to manage all aspects of reference service, including in-person, chat and email interactions, statistical reporting tools and the ability to reach users on websites they use most. QuestionPoint expands the reach of reference staff through a cooperative network of experienced reference librarians.

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