Partner programs for Web sites and online service providers

Add WorldCat searchers—more than 2 million unique users per month—to your readership. Whether you're a blogger, a book-related social site, a bibliophile who maintains a small fan site, a book publisher with a Web store, or a major organization with e-commerce, database and search functionality, you can add traffic to your site by linking into WorldCat.org.

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Link in to WorldCat

Tired of linking to a commercial site? Now you can link straight from your site, blog or even your Facebook profile into specific WorldCat.org records for individual books, movies, digital images OR by broad topics. Even more, your readers can locate materials in a library near them, or even purchase the book.

Anyone can use the permalink or simple URL syntaxes that embed keywords, ISBN or ISSN standard numbers. (Syntaxes also include specifications to limit by geography or format.)


Download the WorldCat Search box

Add the modular WorldCat search box to your blog, social networking profile or Web site, so your readers can stay on your site and still find library materials.

WorldCat Search box

Affiliate Developers

Integrate content with OCLC Web Services

As a developer, once you affiliate with WorldCat you can also gain access to metadata and profiles of institutions or consortia from within WorldCat through tools like xISBN, xISSN, the OpenURL Gateway, and WorldCat Registry.

Get the WorldCat Search API

The WorldCat Search API is available to qualifying institutions at this time. With this API, developers outside of OCLC (but within the library/information science community and the OCLC Developer Network) can access full bibliographic records and holdings in WorldCat. You'll send queries using OpenSearch or SRU CQL syntax.

For Publishers

Become an official partner

Your organization and OCLC can work together to develop a specific set of customized, mutually-beneficial activities such as reciprocal linking or using a WorldCat API to locate local libraries. See a list of current WorldCat.org traffic partner sites and then explore how a partnership with WorldCat.org will drive traffic to your site and help promote the public good of libraries.

For Libraries

Be a WorldCat Library

The ultimate WorldCat partner, WorldCat libraries agree to contribute the information about their collections—their holdings—for the benefit of the cooperative.

Make sure your WorldCat Registry information is up-to-date. It's free and provides a single Web location to maintain your institutional identity and service information.

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WorldCat is the world's most comprehensive database of library-owned content and services with 1.2 billion items available from libraries worldwide. The noncommercial space of WorldCat.org can help you reinforce the altruistic public purposes of your Web site or online service.

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