Partner programs for ILS vendors

Vendors of Integrated Library Systems can work with OCLC to ensure compatibility with our services via our Local System Vendor Access Program. There are two possibilities specifically for ILS vendors:

Cataloging records for ILS testing

For a fee, ILS vendors can download up to 1,000 WorldCat records via a cataloging interface for software testing, to ensure local system compatibility with OCLC-MARC records.

ILS vendor mailing list

ILS vendors can join our free mailing list to receive notification of technical bulletins, new publications concerning the output of MARC records, and new export methods for OCLC cataloging records. Notifications are by e-mail and postal mail.

WorldCat Registry

OCLC's WorldCat Registry is a free Web tool that provides a single location to access institutional identity and service information for libraries and consortia. This easy-to-use Web interface includes identifying codes assigned by various standards or industry organizations; details about physical location, contacts, Web sites and electronic services; hierarchical relationships such as parent consortia or child branches; and administrative and statistical data concerning staff, service usage and user population.