Content discovery solutions

Connect more users to your content. A partnership with OCLC promotes much wider discovery of your content with more than 15 million visits to WorldCat.org a month, visibility through Google Books and focused access through services like WorldCat Local. Here's how we help publishers promote your content to library audiences:

  1. Increase the visibility of your content
  2. Retain and grow revenues in the library market
  3. Enhance access and usage of your content by library users
  4. Ensure interoperability between your systems, OCLC and your library customers

What can you expect from a content partnership with OCLC?

After implementing WorldCat Local, many libraries see impressive increases in the discovery and usage of electronic resources.

  • Increased discovery of your content through the single-search access of WorldCat Local that integrates licensed, electronic, digital and print resources
  • Increased usage of your content from libraries
  • Increased discovery of metadata about your content by information seekers on the Web (through WorldCat.org and WorldCat Local)—which provides additional opportunities to disseminate and sell your content to libraries

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