Vendor-prompted cataloging

Publishers and material vendors: Partner with OCLC and offer your customers a unique value-added service that will get you noticed. Our four vendor-prompted cataloging programs (below) enable your customers to obtain corresponding WorldCat bibliographic records at the same time they receive ordered materials.

In each program, each supplied WorldCat record has the library's ownership of the item already set as a holding. (And if the library also subscribes to WorldCat as part of our FirstSearch reference service, their copy of that title can be found on Web search engines such as Yahoo! and Google, through the WorldCat.org Web platform.)

Help your customers spend less time handling new titles and searching for cataloging records. They'll appreciate it!

GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO Cataloging Plus Service

  • The GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO Cataloging Plus Service consists of materials and OCLC WorldCat catalog records from GOBI Library Solutions.
  • GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO Cataloging Plus Service is available to OCLC member libraries and libraries using CatExpress who have a current OCLC Cataloging or CatExpress subscription.
  • Libraries order the service—new materials and the accompanying catalog records—from GOBI Library Solutions.  Please contact your GOBI Library Solutions Sales Consultant for ordering information. 
  • Holdings are set in WorldCat based upon weekly batch file updates from GOBI Library Solutions.
  • OCLC or one of its billing partners will bill the library for the OCLC Cataloging (or CatExpress) subscription, as well as the GOBI Library Solutions subscription which covers the catalog records and GOBI Library Solutions processing fees. Billing for the library materials is done by GOBI Library Solutions.
  • For an additional fee, libraries have the option of receiving records for 100% of the new materials obtained through GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO Cataloging Plus Service.
  • GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO Cataloging Plus Service delivers the WorldCat catalog records to the libraries along with the materials.
  • GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO Cataloging Plus Service offers shelf-ready options.


Mark Kendall, Senior Vice President, Sales, YBP Library Services

Bob Rotello, VP Public Sales

Marcadia ® cataloging service from Backstage Library Works

Marcadia provides automated cataloging that's inexpensive, fast, and flexible.

Created with input from technical services and system librarians at 13 major academic and public libraries, it's easily customized to suit your needs. Marcadia can help eliminate persistent backlogs, efficiently handle collections needing reclassification, and help compensate for cuts in cataloging staff.

Marcadia uses your brief records transmitted via FTP to search OCLC WorldCat and "filter" multiple hits using a customized profile you create to suit your specific cataloging needs. Matches are merged with selected holdings and other local fields of your choice from your original records, and are returned via FTP, ready for your local system.