With OLIB, you can:

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Manage library resources cost-effectively

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Analyse cataloguing in depth

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Offer more to users

Comprehensive and flexible management system

More than ever, libraries have to manage a wide range of resources and need a cost-effective way to manage cataloguing, circulation, acquisitions, accounts and reporting. OLIB is a fully proven library management system for digital media and traditional materials, operating in academic, special and corporate libraries worldwide. Essentially, this comprehensive and flexible management system allows you time to do what you do best - connecting individuals to knowledge.

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In-depth analytical cataloguing

Records such as journal articles and abstracts or musical parts can be catalogued and searched with the same degree of accuracy and availability as top-level records.

Offer more to users

OLIB allows you to integrate with other related systems in your organisation, providing more flexible access to a wider range of resources.

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What's included

OLIB is a comprehensive ILS that has all the modules you'd expect - circulation, cataloguing, new generation OPAC, funds and acquisitions, serials control, reporting, enquiry management and data import and export. Highlights of the OLIB system are:

  • Reporting—utilises the highly flexible Jasper Reporting tool and includes a library of standard reports which can be enhanced to suit your future needs
  • New generation OPAC—retrieves results based on natural language searching and offers next generation social features
  • Cataloguing—customisable data entry screens for all media including optional MARC integration with WorldCat

OLIB is a highly configurable integrated library system that allows you to customize all areas of library management and end-user discovery to reflect your local requirements, thereby enabling more efficient workflows and saving in staff time. With this proven, functionally rich system, you get added value at an attainable cost.

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