Library efficiency, ease of use and e-resources capabilities.

A system tailored for you

OLIB is highly configurable in all areas of library management and end user discovery. Customise all areas of OLIB to reflect your own local requirements in all modules, thereby enabling more efficient workflows and saving in staff time. OLIB is a proven functionally rich system providing added value at an attainable cost.

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Choice of hosting service or local implementation

Pressures on IT staff and budgets are seeing more customers move to hosted services. OLIB customers have been using OCLC hosting services to run and manage their systems for well over 10 years. A fully scalable service, OCLC supports a wide range of OLIB hosted customers, from those with a handful of staff users to large-scale systems with over 100 users. A web based staff interface facilitates ease of use throughout your organisation.

A new generation OPAC offering more in social features

Users are empowered by features enabling interaction and participation with the library, including a recommender service, ratings, reviews and tagging. They have access to enhanced data including reading lists, e-links and faceted searching, presented in a clear and concise interface. Your organisation can maximize the benefits of online resources offering more than just traditional catalogue searching.

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Member stories

"We were keen to ensure that the chosen system could offer us the flexibility to meet our specific needs. It was clear… that OLIB was highly configurable so that we could make it our OLIB."

Lee Bryant
LRC Manager, Bristol City College

OLIB is a highly configurable integrated library system that allows you to customize all areas of library management and end-user discovery to reflect your local requirements, thereby enabling more efficient workflows and saving in staff time. With this proven, functionally rich system, you get added value at an attainable cost.

Service availability

  • Available everywhere except Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and the United States

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