OCLC introduces 'Syndeo,' a suite of services designed to facilitate national and regional library collaboration

DUBLIN, Ohio, USA, 21 February 2018—OCLC introduces Syndeo™, a flexible suite of services specifically designed to facilitate national and regional library collaboration.

Syndeo, which means "I connect" in Greek, supports OCLC cooperative cataloging, resource sharing and library management services necessary to run individual institutions along with the technology and infrastructure required of a national library.

Syndeo provides improved efficiencies with support for in-region workflows, including authority file management and copy cataloging from more than 400 million records in WorldCat, the world's most comprehensive global network of data about library collections and services. Syndeo offers greater visibility of regional collections to searchers worldwide by registering collections in WorldCat. And the suite reduces maintenance costs with a new, state-of-the-art infrastructure.

"As the world's largest library cooperative with WorldCat at its core, OCLC is uniquely positioned to provide the services, network and support required for libraries to collaborate on regional, national and global levels," said Mary Sauer-Games, OCLC Vice President, Global Product Management.

Many national libraries and strategic library organizations around the world currently use OCLC services to facilitate collaboration. For example, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) recently launched Voilà, Canada's new National Union Catalogue that will make the country's documentary heritage more widely accessible and available to library users in Canada and around the world through WorldCat. Later this year, LAC will begin implementing OCLC WorldShare Management Services as its library services platform to manage its collection.

Syndeo brings together metadata management services that support regional workflows as well as resource sharing, discovery and other services into one suite that can be customized to meet the needs of specific regional groups or national libraries.

"We've consolidated and enhanced our services under the Syndeo name," said Sauer-Games. "Syndeo supports standards, authorities and formats that can operate for an entire region or country to ensure effective cross-collaboration for libraries. It offers functionality that supports in-region library activities, for instance metadata management or interlibrary loan. And Syndeo provides an accurate record of the collective holdings of a region or country in the form of a union catalog."

Syndeo runs on the OCLC WorldShare platform, a global, interconnected web architecture that provides an environment for managing activities and delivering services as well as providing an access point through which libraries connect to WorldCat.

"Syndeo was created to help libraries connect within regional groups and national libraries and, at the same time, open their collections to the worldwide library community," said Sauer-Games.

More about Syndeo is on the OCLC website.

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