'The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future,' by Skip Prichard, hits national bestsellers list

Inspiring business fable is designed to motivate individuals to consistently achieve their own high goals

DUBLIN, Ohio, 20 February 2018—Skip Prichard's first book, The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future, has hit the Publishers Weekly National Hardcover Non-Fiction Bestsellers List at number 19. Released just days ago, the book is a fast-paced and instructive story of one man's transformation—from unhappy and stymied to happy and fulfilled—that readers of all ages and job levels can learn from.

Prichard is President and CEO of OCLC, a nonprofit information technology and research organization that provides services to libraries around the world. He joined OCLC in July 2013 after leading several multi-national organizations. In his nearly five years as President and CEO, Prichard has put the book's success principles into practice. He has had a profound impact on the products and services of OCLC, the technological infrastructure, and the culture of an organization that was founded 50 years ago in Columbus, Ohio.

Prichard is also a keynote speaker on topics that include leadership, personal development, growth strategies, culture, corporate turnarounds, and the future of publishing. His views have been featured in a variety of print and broadcast media. He has interviewed more than 1,000 successful people in his studies of leadership and success; many of these interviews are published on his Leadership Insights blog.

The Book of Mistakes, released by Center Street, is an extension of Prichard's focus on leadership and success. The book demonstrates how we often learn more from other people's mistakes than successes. The nine secrets to creating a successful future are designed to motivate individuals to consistently achieve their own high goals. And although the mistakes and principles discussed in the book are backed by research, it is skillfully written as a fictional story rather than a book of research.

"Stories are remembered much more than facts alone," said Prichard. "Stories increase our ability to persuade, teach and empathize. Today, most of us are so busy that we have a hard time sitting down and reading a weighty book full of research. I wanted to write something that you could read in one sitting and enjoy a fictional escape, but walk away with ideas that can change your future. There's hidden power in a good story."

The Book of Mistakes is the inspiring story of a young professional named David. Two years into the workforce, David has already become embittered with lost confidence, misdirection, and growing apathy over a list of all-too-familiar stresses. That is, until he's taken on a journey from "struggling young professional" to "promising entrepreneur, public speaker, and changemaker" by nine sage teachers who help him avoid the mistakes that lead to failure.

Prichard said the principles explored in The Book of Mistakes are timeless and apply to anyone.

"Finding our purpose, whether as an individual or as a team, understanding the why behind our actions will be just as important in tomorrow's technological world as it was in our grandparents' day," he said. "This book is for those at inflection points in their life. It's designed to help you reflect on where you are so that you can get to where you want to be."

The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future is now available in libraries, local book stores and online. More about the book is at https://thebookofmistakes.com/.

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