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Spanish consortium BUCLE implements WorldCat Local

DUBLIN, Ohio, USA, 28 April 2011—The Spanish consortium BUCLE (Consorcio de Bibliotecas Universitarias de Castilla y León) is the first institution in Spain to implement OCLC WorldCat Local as its new search and discovery service. WorldCat Local delivers single-search-box access to more than 800 million items in libraries’ electronic, digital and physical collections.

BUCLE launched WorldCat Local as a group solution for the university libraries of Burgos, León, Salamanca and Valladolid. It will be available to the universities’ more than 100,000 registered library users by April 30, 2011. With WorldCat Local, library users are not only able to access the library’s local bibliographic records but also the titles from the BUCLE group catalog and from the OCLC WorldCat database.

"WorldCat Local was by far the best solution for the creation of a group catalog for the BUCLE consortium. It's quick, easy to work with, and cost-effective, and it provides all four BUCLE member libraries with a single point of access to the different library catalogs. In addition, the integration with the WorldCat database gives the bibliographic patrimony of all four university libraries more visibility on the World Wide Web," said Fernando Martín Rodriguez, Technical Director of the BUCLE consortium.

With the integration of the WorldCat knowledge base, users have direct access to electronic resources from search results, and a “View Now” feature on brief records connects users directly to the electronic articles and open-access content that their searches retrieve. More than 100,000 library users of the BUCLE member libraries will be able to search via a single search box – which eliminates the need to consult separate resources and interfaces – both the local library and the BUCLE group, as well as in all other WorldCat libraries. Search results include multiple formats of materials, including digital objects, electronic materials, databases, journals, music, video, audio, e-books, theses and print materials.

Eric van Lubeek, Managing Director of OCLC EMEA, said: “OCLC is delighted to announce that BUCLE is the first European consortium which has implemented WorldCat Local as their discovery solution. We are very proud of the strong cooperation, and the efforts BUCLE undertook to successfully conclude this project. In particular, the integration of the WorldCat knowledge base, and the associated ‘View Now’ feature, connecting users to electronic articles and open-access content directly from the search results page, provides immense added value.”

The implementation of WorldCat Local and the necessary participation in WorldCat allows the member libraries of BUCLE to increase the visibility of their collections to a global audience. As an immediate result, the interlibrary loan requests from outside the country have risen significantly. For the BUCLE universities, WorldCat Local has proved to be a powerful but easy-to-use discovery platform that allows users to do their research on a unified interface, and give them access to all available scientific materials from the university community of Castilla and León. The agreement has been facilitated by doc6 S.A. (www.doc6.es), OCLC’s representative in Spain.


Founded in 2002, one of the objectives of BUCLE (“Consorcio de Bibliotecas Universitarias de Castilla y León”) is to optimize and share bibliographic library data and library services among its member libraries of the university of Burgos, León, Salamanca and Valladolid. The targets rely on the development of common procedures, consortial acquisition and circulation and the cooperation among staff of their libraries. To implement these objectives, the Consortium provides funding for the participating universities, as well as additional funding from the head office of the universities of Castilla and León (“Dirección General de Universidades de Castilla y León”).

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