Connexion browser to be discontinued on 30 April 2024

Users encouraged to switch to WorldShare Record Manager today

Over the past several years, we’ve made significant and purposeful investments in our technology infrastructure, platforms, and cataloging services. This work has led to advancements in how libraries conduct their work and serve their communities. And we continue to focus on developing cataloging applications and tools that enable libraries to work with greater speed and efficiency while providing the best possible experience for both library staff and end users.

As a natural phase in any software product’s life cycle, we’ve made the decision to discontinue Connexion® browser on 30 April 2024. Users of Connexion browser who prefer a web-based interface for their cataloging workflows are encouraged to make the switch to WorldShare® Record Manager today. We will continue to support the Windows-based Connexion client, so users of the locally installed software can continue to use Connexion client as normal.

Record Manager is a modern, web-based cataloging solution that supports all the workflows users are accustomed to with Connexion browser, plus so much more. Record Manager allows users to:

  • Work in a more intuitive and efficient cataloging environment with improved search functionality to more easily find WorldCat® records for copy cataloging and managing WorldCat holdings
  • Better serve diverse communities through non-Latin script data in WorldCat records, allowing library users to search the library’s collection in the native script
  • Locally manage staff users and permissions by leveraging the user-friendly, email-based WorldShare authentication
  • Leverage more label formats, including A12360, L7651, SP1, SL4, SL6, SLB, and the option to create custom labels
  • Access more authority files, including AAT, BNE, Canadiana, GND Authorities, LC, Māori Subject Headings, MeSH Authorities, NTA Names, and RVM
  • View more UI language options, including English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish

After extensively evaluating our cataloging applications, the decision to discontinue Connexion browser was made based on many factors—most importantly, the best interest of our users, the age of the technology and infrastructure supporting it, and the associated maintenance expense. While we recognize that Connexion browser has been a reliable cataloging application for many years, the time, effort, and cost to maintain two web-based cataloging applications isn’t sustainable.

Record Manager users benefit from its modern technology and regularly enhanced features and functionality. Ongoing investments—financial and otherwise—continue to propel development now and into the future.

We understand that change can be uncomfortable. However, evolving our cataloging applications ultimately results in higher value and a better overall experience for both libraries and their users.